E-Books Available at the TLRC

The following e-books are available for personal use at the Teaching and Learning Resource Center.

Please inquire at the office to get the links of the e-books you wish to use.

Biological Sciences:

  1. Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy by Hyman
  2. Concepts of Genetics by Klug and Cummings
  3. Elements of Ecology by Smith and Smith
  4. Biology by Campbell and Reece
  5. Genes VII by Lewin
  6. Integrated Principles of Zoology by Hickman Jr, Roberts, and Larson
  7. Plant Systematics by Simpson
  8. Principles of Genetics by Tamarin
  9. Complete Powerpoint Materials for Biology by Campbell and Reece


  1. University Physics with Modern Physics 13thEd by Young and Friedman
  2. Conceptual Physics 10thEd by Hewitt

Earth Science:

  1. Earth Science 13thEd by Tarbuck and Lutgens
  2. K12 Earth Science by Flexbook Utah
  3. Complete Powerpoint Materials for Earth Science 9thEd by Tarbuck and Lutgens


  1. Beginning and Intermediate Algebra TxBk by Wallace
  2. College Algebra by Stitz and Zeager
  3. College Algebra and Trigonometry by Stitz and Zeager

Arts and Design:

  1. Design Fundamental (Notes) by Gonella, Navetta, and Friedman
  2. Non-designers Design Book by Williams

For teachers, we currently have a full set of PPT for Campbell Biology and Earth Science. We are trying in as much as we can to get or make PPTs that can help out in your classroom tools and handling.

More updates soon!

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