March 2022

Marching On

We at the TLRC are about to start implementing the activities lined up for the year 2022. These activities include a series of webinars that are deemed helpful for teachers at the university, especially in the conduct of their classes in the new normal. With the lowering of health restrictions in the City and Province of Cebu to Alert Level 1, we are planning to conduct a face-to-face training on the Basic Navigation of the University Virtual Education Commons (UVEC) for the faculty of UP Cebu this April. This training will be beneficial to the faculty not just in conducting their classes remotely but in the blended learning modality as well. 

Module Creation Project 

We have officially started with the hiring of personnel for the TLRC Module Creation Project for UP Cebu. This is part of the system-wide project that aims to create modules to be used as reference materials for teachers and students. The module writers were asked to submit outlines of the topics for our approval before they can continue writing the rest of the module. 

API Activities for 2022 

We have already submitted a list of the TLRC API-funded activities for this year. Scheduled starting this April, we will be conducting our webinars which are also intended for TLRC’s public extension services. Running topic titles and speakers are already identified, and formal written requests are already sent. Most of the invited speakers accepted the invitation. The exact dates of the webinars are yet to be confirmed.  

Submission of PRs 

All offices of UP Cebu are already asked to submit PRs concerning the scheduled programs and activities of these offices. The TLRC has a total budget allocation this year amounting to P150,000.00. This will cover the expenses of implementing the TLRCs program and activities.  

Re-PR of 2018 Equipment Outlay 

As advised by the SPMO, we revised the purchase request (PR) that was submitted to their office for the 2018 EO, which did not push through. The original PR for a colored printer was changed to one for an inkjet toner since procuring a printer is no longer feasible with the allocated amount.

Technical Assistance

OSA Evaluation with automated Certificate 

Dr. Annabelle Maglasang of the Office of Student Affairs asked TLRC for assistance in the finalization of their evaluation link with automated issuance of the certificate. UP Cebu OSA in partnership with, organized a Virtual Career/Job Fair last March 2, 2022, and participated in by our graduating students. A total of 101 participants joined the event and 54 of whom participated in the evaluation activity. The summary of the evaluation of the event has also been submitted in response to Dr. Maglasang’s request. 

Module Creation Project

Zoom Meeting with the Module Creation Project Team 

To formally welcome and for the official run of the Module Creation Project, we have invited for a Zoom meeting the individuals who showed interest to be part of the project. The meeting happened last March 16, 2022, starting at 1:00 PM and attended by Dr. Marchee Picardal of CNU as our writer in Module 1 and 2, together with Ms. Eamar Abad-Abadia as the project copy editor. Later at 3:00 PM, Ms. Gracellie Marie Robaro as the module 3 writer also joined the meeting. 

Signing of documents for the Module Creation 

Two of the individuals involved in the Module Creation Project, Dr. Marchee Picardal and Ms. Eamar Abad-Abadia, dropped by the TLRC office last March 25, 2022, for the submission of their PDS and signing of the project contract. We give the other members of the team the chance to submit their documents before the end of April. Our module writers will start writing their assigned module and are expected to submit their output in the last week of June. 

UP-wide Coordination Services

A webinar was conducted on 11 March 2022 about the rising mental health issues brought about by the pandemic. It includes discussions on how health care workers determine if the patients need to be referred to a care specialist, what are the common symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially in relation to the pandemic, and what institutions can do to address individuals at risk for mental health problems. 

UVEC March 2022 Monthly Report