August 2019

Service First

Proud participant with her training certificate.

Supplementary Courses

The University of the Philippines Cebu saw the enrollment of nine-hundred twenty- eight students this year. Half of the enrollment were freshmen and about one hundred thirty will be undergoing the supplementary courses in Communications and Mathematics. These supplementary programs are the ones that the OUR, Mathematics Department, Communication Program, and the TLRC coordinated in July 2019. The supplementary courses hope to improve the survivability of the freshmen with low UPCAT scores in Math and English as they will be tackling a more advanced course early next semester.

It is expected that after the conundrum in the student’s failures last year, a more proactive and student-centered solutions may be enacted.

The K to 12’s Track specificity was not yet implemented and instructed many institutions to allow the enrollment of Non-STEM students to STEM programs. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as it allows the students to enter their more preferred programs, but also a curse as Non-specialized students suffer failures in major subjects due to the lack of proper preparations.

VLE Enrollment and Usage

This year the VLE was introduced to the students and the newly hired teachers of the university as UP Cebu’s institutional learning management system. 

All new students are given VLE accounts and it is up to their teachers whether they will fully use the VLE or not. The VLE is the repository of the GE materials coming from the system and can be used by the teachers in managing their classes online. 

There is a total of 10 GE VLE repository sites and 4 teachers handling multiple classes are currently using it. 

What may be new to the system currently is the use of student number as username to alleviate the need to clear Data Privacy Requirements when creating new accounts.

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VLE Tutorial Session

After-Work Training

The last leg of the Staff After-work Training on Canva was completed in 22 August 2019. The office hopes to start a new training which focuses on Windows programs such as the Microsoft Excel and program short cuts.

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With the completers of the Training.

Meetings and Consultation

The office received a number of consultations with regards to various activities that can be done within the year. One such consultation include student led peer tutoring program for the freshmen. Further coordination can be done once the budget is placed. 

A follow up on the use of VLE may be created once again this year.