TLRC Service Specification

TLRC understands your needs. To expedite your requests, you may want to check the processes and the requirements for each. In compliance with RA 11032 and the implementation of the Citizen’s Charter, TLRC hopes to provide the services you need within reasonable time.

VLE Course Site Creation and Enrollment

Client StepAgency
Person In-charge
Requirement: SAIS Printout from the OUR.
Hand over the printout to the TLRC Staff
Receives the print out and processes the request. None15 daysTLRC Staff. Processing by the Coordinator
Get the account names and primary passkeys.Releases the completed credentials to the client.None1 dayTLRC Staff
TotalNone16 Days

ILC/TLRC AVR Reservation and Use

Client StepAgency
Person in-charge
Hand over the properly filled up General Request form. The form can be acquired from the UP Cebu CMO or the OVCA.Receives the request, blocks the schedule, and endorses request.None1 dayTLRC Staff. Endorsed by the Coordinator.
Forwards endorsed General Request Form to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration (OVCA).Approves or disapproves.based on FPOC3 daysOVCA Staff
Hand over a copy of the approved General Request Form to the TLRC.Receives the form and confirms the blocked schedule. NoneTLRC Staff
Totalbased on FPOC4 days

Tutorial, Seminar, and Training Coordination and Facilitation

Client StepAgency
Person in-charge
Hand over the letter of request.Receives the request. If endorsed, the coordinator creates and finalizes a proposal for funding. None7 daysTLRC staff

TLRC Coordinator
Routing of the proposals to proper channels.None10-20 daysTLRC Staff
Coordinates with TLRC for the implementation of the approved request.Implements the proposed program.None3 daysTLRC Coordinator

TLRC Staff
TotalNone30 days approx.

TLRC Equipment or Material Acquisition through Borrowing

Client StepAgency
FeesProcessingPerson in-charge
Hand over properly filled Borrower’s slip (TLRC Form 001) and UP ID. If the request is approved, accept the article requested.TLRC staff receives the requirements. The coordinator approves or disapproves the request. The staff releases the article requested if approved. None3 daysTLRC Staff

TLRC Coordinator
Hand over properly filled clearance form (TLRC Form 002). If the article was returned without damage, the client will be cleared of responsibility. Receives the clearance form and the article for inspection. If the article has damage or lost, the borrow will not be cleared from responsibility. The staff will contact the OUR for tagging and the SPMO for cost calculation.

For non-clearance, the article’s cost will be paid for by the borrower.
Cost calculated for non-cleared borrowers. 1 dayTLRC Staff
TotalNone for cleared borrowers. 4 days

Feedback and Complaints Mechanism

How to send feed back:You may login in the TLRC Feedback form at:
or directly email the office at [email protected]
How feed backs are processed:The office receives and sort the feedback. For suggestions, the office investigates proactive solutions or reevaluation of protocols.
Reevaluation of process
Corrective action
Organizational improvement
How to file a complaint:You may login in the TLRC Feedback form at:
or directly email the office at [email protected] attaching the signed formal complaint.
How complaints are processed: The office receives the complaint and directs the processing to proper authority.
1.1 For suggestive complaints, the office will look for proactive methods and will assess the validity of the complaint.
For formal complaints, the office shall do the following:
2.1 Complaint processing
2.2 Complaint investigation
2.3 Corrective action
2.4 Complaint resolution
2.5 Organizational improvement
Contact information:The numbers are at:
(032) 232 8187 local 314
Email at:
[email protected]