September 2022

Fresh and Fun

The TLRC is alive this September! The new academic year has started and we welcome the students face-to-face as UP Cebu shifts to a blended learning mode after more than two years of just online learning. The campus also opens its gates to everyone and has started receiving guests and hosting physical activities and TLRC is not going to miss any. 

Bidding Farewell to a Trusted Colleague

We open September by bidding farewell to the “automation guy” of TLRC and our very well-trusted colleague, Mr. Michael Andrew Galorio or Sir Mike. He served as a staff in TLRC for more than two years and has now bid his goodbye to the office as he seeks better opportunities that best fit his chosen career. We wish you well, Sir Mike!

TLRC Participates in Day of Remembrance

The Day of Remembrance committee of UP Cebu partners with TLRC for the ParlorFest: Fact-Checking Edition and the Fact-Checking Workshop.  

Study Nook Reopens!

As the new academic year opens, the study nook in TLRC also reopens after more than 2 years as we open our doors to students who has no space to study in the campus. It’s also good to note that we are packed in our first few weeks of operations.

Printing Service is Back

Another service is re-introduced this semester. TLRC’s printing service is back to cater students and faculty who will need printed documents.

ILC Reopens for Renters

The Interactive Learning Center located at the 2nd floor of the Administration Building is now emptied and ready for the renters from inside and outside the University.

Talk to the Expert

UVEC F2F Training

This month we also had the second batch of face-to-face training for the University Virtual Education Commons or UVEC, the official Learning Management System (LMS) of UP Cebu with former TLRC Coordinator and UP High School Cebu Professor, Prof. Jeraline Gumalal. This time we had a total of 16 participants who are mostly newly-hired faculty members of the University. Like the 1st batch, the three-day training (August 31-September 2) consisted of the basic functions and features of the LMS. Another important feature taught in the second batch was backing up courses for future use and for the upcoming migration of UVEC.

Day of Remembrance: Fact-checking Activities

The Day of Remembrance Committee partnered with the Teaching and Learning Resource Center in the activities for the Day of Remembrance. This includes the fact-checking webinars and activities for the students and staff of the University.

First off is the Fact-checking Workshop where TLRC helped in the technical setup of the Zoom meeting. The e-certificates for the participants were also generated by our office through evaluation form we created. The workshop was graced by a resource speaker from the Vera Files, a well-known organization for fact-checking here in the country.

We also helped in the dissemination of the questions and answer key for the ParlorFest: Fact-checking edition through email blasting. This activity aims to help the staff of the University identify different kinds of false information.

Awarding ceremony for the ParlorFest: Fact-checking Edition with the winners (Team C) and the Day of Remembrance Committee

F2F Student Services

TLRC was swarmed with students for the last few weeks. This is mainly because the office is now open for students who want to utilize the space for studying especially that the library is also full most of the time.

We have also continued the office’s printing service. This is a paid printing service fo the students. However, for now, we only have black and white printing with a fee of 3 pesos per page. The fees collected will be remitted to the Cash Office every day.

TLRC has never been this busy since the onset of the pandemic… and we love it!

Before the start of the return of our student services we also made sure that proper house rules and safety protocols are put in place to maintain a peaceful study place or workplace for the students and faculty. We have posted around the office the list of Dos and Don’ts  as well as reminders for the guests.

ILC Reopens for Renters

While TLRC is filled with students, ILC also got busy since it was emptied of the storage boxes from another office. Now, it’s back as a hub for academic and non-academic activities within and outside the University.

For the month, it served as a space for guidance counselling and production space for the Unang Hunat Unang Kiat team. We couldn’t wait to make it useful for other events, too!

Photo grabbed from Miss Jaseluh Saturinas’ Facebook page during their Guidance Sessions at ILC.

Photos grabbed from Sir Gregg Lloren’s’ Facebook page where ILC served as video production room for Unang Hunat! Unang Kiat! event.