October 2022

Rolled Up Sleeves

Game face is on this October! We are busy as a bee as we prepare for the end of the year. Events here and there but we’re ready to conquer!

Almost 200 Students study at TLRC

Around 200 students has availed the study at TLRC service for the month of October. We have logged 194 names to be specific. However, most of the students in the list have come regularly at the nook to study.

TLRC Downtime for Investiture 2022

TLRC Services were suspended as the university prepares for the Investiture of Chancellor Leo Malagar. This is mostly because the staff in charge of the office had a main role in the reception of guests.

PBMS Encoding

The Performance Budget Monitoring System (PBMS) Portal once again opens for encoding of the extension and training programs conducted for the 3rd Quarter of the year. However, several events has been transferred and deleted as per advise from the system.

Partnership with NSTP

The NSTP has tapped TLRC to partner with them in their student webinar. The office has facilitated the automation of the e-certificates through the evaluation form.

ILC Reservations

The Interactive Learning Center located at the 2nd floor of the Administration Building is now emptied and ready for the renters from inside and outside the University. One of our regular renters, the Dayspring Neighborhood Church (DNC) rents the facility every Sunday of the week.

Student Services

One of TLRC’s primary mission is to deliver student academic services effectively. So far, we are serving students by opening our study nook and providing printing services for them. Hopefully soon, we can expand the kind of services we can offer to them like peer tutoring.

Study Nook Visits

For the month of October 2022, we have recorded around 194 student visits in our study nook. Most of them uses the nook to finish school works and study for their courses. Some use it for group school works as their meeting and working place. Due to limited space, the study nook only caters to a limited number of students.

TLRC Downtime for Investiture 2022

Last October 11 to 14, 2022, TLRC temporarily suspended its student services such as the study nook to give way in the preparation for the Chancellor’s Investiture. The TLRC staff participated and was part of the reception committee for the Investiture and also helped with transporting the guests during the events that happened prior the Investiture such as the Academic Affairs Committee Meeting and the PAC meeting which all happened in Cebu. UVEC and other concerns sent through email was still catered.

Photos grabbed from various UP Cebu Facebook accounts and page

PBMS Encoding

As the third quarter for the encoding of trainings and extension programs opens, TLRC Staff, Noelle Anne Seno was appointed as the new encoder for the Performance Budget Monitoring System (PBMS) Portal for the offices under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, replacing then TLRC Staff Mr. Michael Andrew Galorio after he recently resigned from his post.

After receiving comments from the system during the previous quarter, many of the programs previously encoded were transferred and removed. However, the office is still confident to have hit the number of targeted beneficiaries of its conducted activities, trainings, and extension programs.

Partnership with NSTP

Mr. Kenneth Gallardo, a faculty from the UP High School and a lecturer of the NSTP Program, has tapped TLRC to facilitate their webinar’s evaluation and automation of e-certificates for their student participants. Their webinar was entitled, “Disaster Awareness, Preparedness, & Management” which took place last October 22, 2022.

ILC Reservations

Since ILC got cleaned and emptied with some of CENVI’s things, a few have already used the area. Most of the time OSA uses the facility for their student’s guidance sessions. Every Sunday, the Dayspring Neighborhood Church, a religious organization outside UP Cebu, uses the ILC for their worship service and bible study. Through their organization, TLRC earns a revenue monthly. This is the first time again in three years that TLRC is earning revenues from the rents. It has previously stopped because of the pandemic.