#TeachTok: Tiktok Classroom

Teachtok believes in the power of technology and how it can continuously transform the education. These tools can also provide ease and convenience to its users as it relies on the wide use of Internet and digital tools. One of the innovative methods is called microlearning. It is a small activity where an individual uses a digital media environment. Through mobile phones, tablets, and computers, learners can provide outputs in any available formats such as a video, blog, game, quiz, simulation, podcast or slideshows (Suresh & Srinivasan, 2018). With multiple sources available on the Internet, this platform will serve as a complete guide for teachers to embark a new journey on ICT in learning.

About #TeachTok

Technology has brought tremendous changes in today’s human activities. Social media, as one of the technological innovations, has clearly transformed the form of entertainment, communication, lifestyle, networking, and various aspects. The way it has shaped humanity in today’s generation is complex in that it has affected people of different ages. Even though it has somehow made life simpler, it has also brought negative impacts brought by abuses. Although it has brought both advantages and disadvantages, social media’s utilization in education has not yet been deeply explored. This may be construed by general misconceptions on exploring its potentials. This idea became the foundation of creating TeachTok. It aims to provide platform for teachers as a means of instructional support for technology integration in their classes.