TLRC Reports


  • TLRC Summer Bridge Program in the summer of Academic Year 2014-2015
  • New Coordinator at the end of Year 2015. Prof. Jeraline Gumalal took the position.
  • TLRC helped organize the Staff Games.
  • The TLRC Website was deployed in Mid November of 2015.
  • The TLRC Facebook Page was deployed in late December 2015.
  • The TLRC Youtube Channel was deployed in late December 2015.


  • Student Enrollment for the second semester of AY 2015-2016 saw TLRC offer free computer use to incoming and returning students.
  • The Small Talks Program of the TLRC was launched with five small talks segments for interest and learning enhancement.
  • TLRC also helped in organizing the UP Cebu leg of the Gabii sa Kabilin.
  • The TLRC YouTube channel saw its first 100K view mark.
  • TLRC also held free tutorial services to students and Japanese class for the interest based programs.
  • Continuing documentation of various school activities were also handled by the office.
  • The TLRC office started supporting the UPAA Cebu Chapter and handles communication matters for them.
  • The TLRC also started renovating the TLRC AVR so as to cater to academic needs of students such as for class presentation and defense.
  • Teacher’s Month in UP Cebu was spearheaded by TLRC. The office offered Photography contests, poster making, and card giving drives.
  • Pasko sa UP was assisted by the office as well.


  • Aside from the Small Talks, TLRC started offering Japanese Classes through the help of the Japanese exchange student, Nanao Tsukuda. The Japanese class started in February 8, 2017 to offer and supplement students who are taking or are interested in Japanese language. The classes happen every Wednesday of the week at 1:00 PM. The lessons are taught by segment and are usually conversational and practical. The teacher in charge is a volunteer native Japanese, Ms. Nanao Tsukuda. Ms. Tsukuda is cross enrolled student from Otemae University in Nishinomiya, Japan. She volunteered way back in 2014 during their service learning UP High School Cebu. She showed great compassion and eagerness to help students especially in education.
  • TLRC also started coordinating with the Supreme Student Council in the tutorial services for Math. This program became a mainstay program of TLRC since then.
  • TLRC assisted in the Gabii sa Kabilin doing documentation and booth keeping.
  • The Study nook became officially open in 2017 and the modules from the last coordination were recovered.
  • The TLRC also started the strategic plans for 2018-2020.
  • Coordinated with UP Cebu Tambuli for their activities and member application.
  • Civil Service Examination Review for staff and students was also offered.
  • Alumni Related meetings were also catered by the office.


  1. Academic Services Rendered
    1. Enlistment (2nd Semester AY 2017-2018, 1st Semester AY 2018-2019)
      1. TLRC offered free use of computers and provided photocopying services to the students during the enrolment period.
      1. TLRC also help facilitate the use of SAIS and directed students with SAIS concerns to proper channels.
    1. TLRC AVR/ILC AVR rental and reservation
      1. Student and class led events requiring the use of either TLRC AVR or ILC AVR were prioritized.
      1. The office also gave priority to faculty and staff led meetings.
      1. Although we have lesser revenue from the outsider rentals this year, it was apparent that the service were more useful to the UP Cebu members.
    1. UP Cebu VLE (Major Activity)
      1. As agreed in the meeting of LRC directors with Dr. Patricia Arinto of UPOU, each CU will have a repository of GE Course materials in the form of a learning management system (LMS) . The LRC offices will make sure that the LMS such as the UP Cebu Virtual Learning Environment will offer course sites of the available GE Courses and allow the enrollees to have access to the materials.
      1. The TLRC was also able to brief and give a short orientation about the UP Cebu VLE during the GE Program Echo organized by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
      1. New students for the 1st Semeste 2018-2019 were already enrolled and were using their VLE Accounts.
      1. Various problems including information delay due to DPA 2012 were accounted for as well as technical problems were settled personally or through email communication.
    1. Math 40 (Calculus) Review 2018 (1st Semester) (Major Activity – via TLRC Funds)
      1. Due to the arising need to help struggling students taking calculus in the first semester, the TLRC with the help of Prof. Natividad Estillore, offered a review. The offering is free for students who are currently taking Math 40. A graduating BS Mathematics student of good standing, Jay Juvah Estole, was the Peer Tutor of the Review.
      1. The Review was deemed successful, with good attendance from the students, and with very good evaluation from the students.
      1. 21 out of 26 attending reviewees passed the Math 40 course.
    1. Small Talks 2018 (Major Activity – via OVCAA API – P20,000)
      1. The faculty and student development program of TLRC was offered in the first quarter of 2018 with Ms. Yvette Malahay-Kim, Mr. Van Owen Sesaldo, and Prof. Kim Bondoc.
      1. It was attended by teachers and students and had very good evaluation.
      1. There was a request for more graphics and computer related Small Talks for 2019.
      1. The VLE Training under the same OVCAA API will be held in 6 March 2019.
  2. Coordination Services
    1. Coordination with the UP Alumni Association Cebu Chapter in the Centennial Celebration and 100 Acts of Kindness Programs.
    2. TLRC Coordinator/Alumni Relations also attended the annual UPAA council meeting on August 17, 2018 where the achievements of UP Cebu during the Centennial celebration were reported.
    3. Coordination with the VCAA for the Teaching Effectiveness Seminar 2018.
    4. TLRC has donated collected books at Adlaon Integrated School with the help of the UPAA Cebu Chapter through TLRC’s Books for Life Program. Schools such as Sacred Heart Ateneo De Cebu also coordinated with us in collecting books for the program.
    5. TLRC successfully held the SMALL TALKS 2018 Sessions 1-3 with the help of Ms. Yvette Malahay Kim, Mr. Van Owen Sesaldo, and Mr. Kim Bondoc.
    6. TLRC also participated in the Data Privacy Act of 2012 Orientation and started practicing information segregation and file cleaning every month.
    7. TLRC attended the orientation for undergraduate, graduate, and high school programs to talk about the services offered by the center. We also attended the teacher’s orientation program to talk about what TLRC can offer them as teachers.
    8. TLRC participated the meetings of LRC Directors in UP Diliman (July 4, 2018) and started working on the VLE project to house the GE materials.
    9. TLRC coordinated with Mr. Van Owen Sesaldo in preparing the enrolment of the GE course students in their respective course sites. The students were enrolled by the end of August 2018.
    10. The UP Cebu VLE GE Course is currently managed by TLRC. During the GE Programs Echo, TLRC gave an orientation on the use of VLE. Problems were raised, answered, and noted during the said events.
    11. TLRC coordinated with HRDO and VCAA in the annual Teaching Effectiveness Seminar (20-21 Sept 2018) and handled the documentation and other logistics.
    12. TLRC coordinated with Prof. Natividad Estillore for the conduct of the Math 40 review. Jay Juvah Estole was chosen to provide the peer tutoring.
    13. TLRC documented and provided ground designs for the Pasko sa UP Cebu.
  3. Website and Materials Maintenance
    1. The e-books and the materials ready for borrowing was updated.
    1. The archeology video modules were already retrieved and put in inventory
    1. Currently, we have a total of 17 running documentation videos in the TLRC YouTube Channel. One of which already reached 172,138 views and another having 22,622 views. We are working on other documentation videos aside from learning materials.
    1. The materials production was stopped due to the lack of personnel who can edit and create contents for the site and channel.
  4. Finances
    1. The ILC revenue was used to pay for the salary of Job Order Administrative Aide, Rowena Rafaelis. Diminishing ILC revenue means that TLRC/ILC cannot provide a large-scale program unless it is proposed under the OVCAA API funds.
    1. The TLRC revenue saw a total of Php 14,954. The office has no reports yet of the ILC revenue.
    1. The TLRC will have to look for better IGP that can be maintained once the request for new personnel will be approved.
    1. TLRC will encourage small API events to be held in ILC or TLRC AVR.


  1. Academic Services Rendered
    1. The TLRC continued serving the student of UP Cebu by giving free computer use and assistance to students during enlistment periods and offer photocopying and printing during academic periods.
    2. The nook also served the students highly by providing comfortable and conducive space for learning and studying. Aside from that, the students can make use of the software found in the TLRC computers useful for their academic life such as RMiner and SPSS which was installed and updated recently.
    3. The TLRC Math Review 2019 continues and caters to more Math subjects and happens everyday of the week. This review was funded by the TLRC/ILC Income (Php 10,000.00). The first leg happened in March and April 2019.
    4. TLRC Math 100 and Math 54 Tutorials started on the last week of June and runs until the 3rd week of July to help the students taking Math Subjects in the Midyear 2018-2019. The activity was funded by the CHED Student Affairs fund for 2018. The move was coordinated by the OUR and OC of UP Cebu.
    5. Four Segments of VLE Training under API 2019 of the OVCAA was held by the TLRC to teachers. The Training focuses on the use of UP Cebu VLE which is now the repository of the UP System GE Course Modules
    6. TLRC also held the Teacher’s GSuite Collaboration Training in June 2019 to help teachers and staff make use of their GSuite accounts. This program was funder under the OVCAA API 2019.
    7. TLRC also iams to help academis staff improve their worklife by doing training regarding project management and handling. The After-Work Training which started on July 3, 2019 hopes to train academic personnel
  2. Coordination Activities and Other Assisted Activities
    1. The TLRC joined the Strategic Planning Training and Seminar of UP Cebu to complete the proposed set of activities for 2019-2023.
    2. The Second Leg of Privacy Impact Assessment Seminar and PIA creation was also completed by the TLRC. The review of the reports were promptly sent to the UP Cebu DPO.