Hidden Excel Features That Are Really Useful

Some teachers wouldn’t know that there are functions within MS Excel that would really be useful in their school tasks. Here is a quick review of some Excel features that are not really used by many, but surprisingly have nice and useful functions. Let’s try to check them out.

1. Speak Cells

Speak Cells is a text-to-speech feature wherein Excel reads or speaks the numbers, dates, and texts in cells. The audio options are mostly intended for proofing or “reading back” of the data entered. You look at your original document while Excel reads the cells back aloud. Teachers can use this in proof-reading their class masterlist data, grades, and student profiling. To know more about how to enable this feature, kindly visit page 2.

2. Data Analysis

The Analysis ToolPak isĀ an Excel add-in program that provides data analysis tools for financial, statistical, and engineering data analysis. This would be very useful to teachers who are pursuing their research education, but in daily school tasks, this can be used in recording attendance, homework assignments, grade calculation, and report generation. To know more about how to load this feature, please visit page 3.

3. Pivot Tables

A Pivot Table is an interactive way of summarizing huge amounts of data. This function makes it easier for teachers to analyze large numerical data in detail by just sorting columns and rows into the desired report type. This saves the long and extensive hours of understanding too much data because one can just summarize, reorganize, count, total, or average the data from a spreadsheet. This would be extra helpful for teachers when trying to compare trends and patterns for a large number of students and in creating a manageable report from a large sample. To know more about how this feature works, visit page 4.

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