November 2022

Getting Through

We are gearing towards the end of the year! November is nothing but a month of surprises as we meet new people and try to plan new activities for the next year ahead!

TLRC Hosts UP Cebu Flag Ceremony

TLRC has partnered with TTBDO once again in another activity. This time it is in hosting the flag raising ceremony for the entire CU which takes place every Monday.  

Welcoming a New Member

TLRC welcomes Miss April Limosnero as our new project personnel. Miss April will stay with us for three months as we continue to look for a new Administrative Aide for the office.

Planning the CSC Review

In partnership with the All UP Workers Union- Cebu Chapter and with the support of the Chancellor, the TLRC will be conducting a Civil Service Exam Review once again for the UP Cebu Staff.

Still a Full Study Nook

The TLRC is still as busy as when we first re-opened the study nook to the students. We recorded a total of 237 students who visited us for the month of November.

ILC Reservations

The Interactive Learning Center located at the 2nd floor of the Administration Building is now emptied and ready for the renters from inside and outside the University. One of our regular renters, the Dayspring Neighborhood Church (DNC) rents the facility every Sunday of the week.

What’s New?

This November, we also welcomed our new staff, Ms. April Limosnero. Ms. Limosnero is our project personnel as we wait for the post for hiring of the Administrative Aide IV position vacated by Mr. Michael Galorio last September. She will be with us until the end of February 2023.

Miss April is not new to the University as she has also served as a Self-Assessment Report staff for the Mathematics and Statistics Department. This time, she serves as the communications staff for TLRC.

Maintenance and Inventory

One of Ms. Limosnero’s accomplishment for this month is the establishment of an inventory for the TLRC Supplies and Computers. This is to properly keep a record of all the things that the office needs and to be reminded of the problems which needs to be reported to the ITC regarding computer matters. This month, we also had some of our fluorescent lights replaced.

Student Services

One of TLRC’s primary missions is to deliver student academic services effectively. So far, we are serving students by opening our study nook and providing printing services for them. Hopefully soon, we can expand the kind of services we can offer to them like peer tutoring.

Study Nook Visits

For the month of November 2022, we have recorded around 237 student visits in our study nook. Most of them use the nook to finish schoolwork and study for their courses. Some use it as their meeting and working place for group schoolwork. Due to limited space, the study nook only caters to a limited number of students.

Other Services

We nurture learning not just for students but for staff as well. We help in ensuring that they are also keeping up with the necessary skills that their work may require.

CSC Review Proposal

Last November 28, 2022, The All UP Workers Union (AUPWU) Cebu Chapter and TLRC had a meeting on the details of the Civil Service Examination Review to be conducted next year for the staff of the University. Included topics in the meeting is the feasibility of a paid review from outside offices, the schedule of the review, and the subject areas to be taught. So far, we have 15 participants on board for the review. We are still finalizing the rest of the proposal.

Noelle Anne Seno of TLRC with AUPWU’s Vice President Jae Magdadaro and BOD Rafael Abenasa
Also present but not in the picture: Prof. Natividad Estillore, TLRC Coordinator

Hosting of Flag Ceremony

The TLRC, in partnership with TTBDO, was assigned to be the host for the university’s flag ceremony on November 7, 2022. The flag raising ceremony takes place every Monday of the week with different offices hosting every week. After the ceremony, we had a little game prepared for the staff with the UP Keychains as prices. After the game, we distributed sandwiches and drinks to the participants.

Exploring Workplace

Last November 25, 2022, the ITC Team invited the Workplace team for a demonstration on using the Workplace software by Meta. According to ITC, this was suggested by the Chancellor to have a more effective and professional information dissemination mechanism. TLRC is one of the offices who participated in the said demo. Workplace has similarities with its sister software Facebook when it comes to interface but is a more secure one since an organization can have its own instance, which means that outside organizations cannot access the organization’s information.

ILC Reservation

ILC is still open for reservation to those who want to rent the area. So far, our regular renters are from the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) for their Guidance Sessions and the Dayspring Neighborhood Church (DNC) for their worship service and bible study every Sunday.

Photos shared by DNC during their Worship Service at ILC