Tweetchers and Lesson Tweets: The Instructional Use of Twitter

Greetings, ka-Tweetcher!

We are educators from different public and private schools. We are with you in your educational struggles, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We relate with your wishful feeling that we could do better for our beloved learners. However, it is during these times that we can turn discouragements into motivations, and therefore challenges into opportunities. Hence, it is our vision as a team to inspire collective creativity among us Tweetchers and contribute to the continuous development of our educational system so that, together, we can face any challenges that whatever crises may bring.

Know us further:

The pre-coronavirus educational system of the Philippines has limited the modality for teaching and learning experiences into face-to-face classes so that its reactive response became evident during the global health crisis as teachers and learners were forced to teach and learn from a distance. Complaints re poor internet connectivity, scarcity of necessary resources, and technological and digital illiteracy among adult teachers and unprivileged learners were voiced out, which are attributed to the obsolescence and unpreparedness of our educational system. Some of these issues, however, were reactively addressed via different solutions, such as the distribution of technological devices to schools and digitization of printed learning materials for teacher and learner consumption. In addition, the creativity of teachers was at its utmost significance and relevance, and therefore is highly encouraged for the improvement of the teaching-learning processes, which eventually led to the discovery of novel instructional tools, aside from the available online educational ones (e.g., Google Classroom and Google Meet). For instance, online social media platforms, specifically Messenger and Instagram, were utilized for different educational purposes, including teaching-learning communication and project-based instruction. Thus, in an attempt to contribute to the betterment of our education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we, your ka-Tweetchers, introduce to you another potential instructional tool: Twitter!