OSA Learning Guide

Guidance Services for All

The Office of Student Affairs have always supported students, staff, and teachers when it comes to personal and mental health. Especially now that the university is transitioning to remote learning, mental health is one of UP Cebu’s priority. 

You are free to consult with our Guidance Services Specialists and our enlisted psychologist. UPC opened a special place, the Third Room, to be a safe place for you to rest and expresse yourself. 

If you have inquiries or would like to get in touch with our Guidance Services Specialists, you may contact [email protected].

Learn some important information about mental health and psychological first aid from our GSS:

Mdm. Anabelle Maglasang discusses the efforts of UPC to maintain mental health within its members. She also discusses mental health in a broader view and give useful information on various mental health problems. 

Ms. Jaseluh Saturinas guides us through the basics of Psychological First Aid. She discusses what you can do when giving psychological first aid remotely. This topic is very important for teachers handling remote learning and in supporting students studying alone. 

Meet your GSS: