Legacy Making through Robotics at Alcoy, Cebu

What do you wish to do when your a bit older? In most cases, some people just want to be richer or perhaps healthier, but for some, they want to leave behind a legacy. If that is what you want, then you might want to do what Ms. Cleo Credo did.

Cleo was once a graduate of UP Cebu. Right now, she works as a senior software engineer at a well established tech company in Cebu City. As a student, Cleo assisted a number of researchers to pay for her daily needs and to experience new things. One of the many experiences she had was when she accompanied a researcher in gathering acoustic data of birds at Upper Bulalalcao at the Municipality of Alcoy in the Province of Cebu. Right then and there, she knew that she has to come back to the place once the time is ripe.

In December 2019, Cleo coordinated with the Teaching and Learning Resource Center to organize a Robotics Training with the nine teachers stationed at Bulalacao Elementary School. The school was a beneficiary of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Cebu Chapter and were receiving training and books for the rest of 2019. She wanted to organize the last training for the year not only to share her knowledge but also to go back to the place where she feel indebted. She wanted to be of service, one of triumvirate value of a UP graduate.

She trained the teachers on how to manipulate and program sprites and eventually programming entry level robots. She hopes that with this new knowledge, the teachers will be able to train their students an competitively participate in interschool meets. She hopes that by encouraging the teachers to introduce technology to the students, they will be able to produce graduates who will eventually send back more technology for the area.

Thinking about legacy? You might want to try it the UP way.