Staying Motivated with Online Learning

In the Philippines, we are now entering the 3rd year of online learning. The pandemic has been around since 2020 and whether it is work or education, nothing seems to get easier even though we’re only just in the comforts of our home. Unlike before when we are used to working and learning face to face, due to restrictions, we’re forced to face computer screens instead. Although all these became possible thanks to the advancement of technology, difficulties still arise especially with adjusting to online learning and the mental and emotional baggage brought about by these changes. Students and even faculty members have admittedly found it difficult to adjust from the setup and even 2 years later, they are still yearning to get back to face-to-face learning. These are mainly because of the limitations in online learning such as limited time of synchronous classes and students who lack enough resources to attend online classes.  

Despite these limitations and challenges, how do we stay motivated while learning online? Here are 6 (six) ways to staying on top of your game: 

  1. Set realistic goals 

Try to set small, attainable goals for each of the subject and track your progress using a useful project management app of your preference or even by using simple apps available for free. Setting specific and achievable goals for each subject will keep you from getting overwhelmed with all the requirements demanded by each class. When feeling discouraged, always look back on why you’re where you are now and why you want to succeed.  

 2. Stay on top of your courses and organize your schedule. 

Make sure to stay updated with your classes. Check your emails and LMS regularly to check on any updates on your courses. It is also important to create a plan and schedule everything so you wouldn’t miss any deadline or quizzes. This would also help you get ready with any set project and deadlines. All of these while making sure you also get to insert “Rest” on your schedule.  

 3. Own your space. 

Create a space where you can focus on learning. If possible, separate your learning/working space from your space of relaxation. It would be helpful if your working environment can encourage focus such as proper lighting and no distractions. An organized space is a must too! Make sure your learning materials are within reach and that your things are where they need to be.  

4. Get to know your community and share what you’re learning

As the saying goes, “No man is an island.”  Interact with your peers and teachers online. This would make you feel less lonely especially when studying. You may create study groups online and share the things you’ve learned with your classmates and at the same time learn from their perspective. Aside from that, interacting with your teachers will help you clarify some questions you have on your lessons. You may also try to join student clubs if there’s any or try to start one.  

5. Take time for self-care.  

During these uncertain times, taking care of your mental and physical health is important. Do not forget to relax and take care of yourself. It is also important to include rest hours on your daily schedule. Eat healthy, think positively, and exercise regularly. Making sure your body and mind is in the right condition is top priority to succeed academically. It is okay not to be okay so if you’re not feeling too well, it is always better to rest or seek help from your school’s counseling centers.  

 6. Plan a reward.  

Do not forget to reward yourself. You deserve every bit of your success no matter how small it is because you worked hard for it. Whether being able to finish reading a chapter of a textbook or passing that long exam, always have a reward for yourself. Keeping a positive attitude and staying motivated to do good academically are the keys to success.  

Now, pull-up your sleeves ‘cuz we got some learning to do! 

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