TLRC Teacher GSuite Collaboration Training

A lot of institutions nowadays have subscribed to Google to have business management platforms. These platforms include GSuite for Education which was pushed by the e-UP Project of the University of the Philippines a few years back. But are the teachers making use of the tools and project management options that the subscription offer? It seems that some used them, but others are still unaware of the benefits. The TLRC saw this an opportunity to help teachers revisit their knowledge about Google Products and use these products to their advantage.

Why explore?
Most of the trainees use only the Gmail and perhaps the Google Classroom. What they don’t know is that a lot can be done using the project management platform of the GSuite. Blogs can easily be shared to the teacher for proofreading before publishing using the Google Sites. Its easy drag and drop feature offers unlimited layout and design for young educational bloggers. The straightforward task of checking written work and suggested editing can be done online as well. Google forms provide a variety of uses ranging from assessment of group works, daily entry and recording, and even exams which can be hitched to the Google Classroom platform. Aside from that, Google allows you to add free software such as mind maps and Gantt charts that are very important in research and project management.
Lastly, the trainees were introduced to a project management platform Trello in which they collaborated with their fellow trainees in planning and creating websites, slideshows, and spreadsheets.
The TLRC hopes to follow up this training next quarter during the First Semester of AY 2019-2020.