What you need to know about Course Packs

Every start of the semester, your instructors and professors prepare bundles of materials for the courses that they will be handling. These bundle of learning materials and guides are called COURSE PACKS. Course packs are essential to both face-to-face and remote learning since these will serve as guides in accomplishing a course or subject.

One course pack may contain:

  1. A Course Guide – this provides an overview of the course which includes the course description and outline, the expected learning competencies which the course aims to develop, the requirements to pass the course, and the schedule of the learning tasks and activities which a student needs to accomplish.
  2. Learning Resources – these are different types of materials such as books, articles, graphics, and other multimedia to be studied by the students and are essential to learning.
  3. Study and Activity Guides – these will facilitate the use of the learning resources available in a course. These are detailed instructions or procedure on what to focus on a specific learning material, the tasks you must complete, and evaluation on the concepts learned.
  4. Assignment Guides – these gives a detailed overview and instructions on how to complete a major course requirement to be submitted for grading. These include the task’s objectives, the main task to be completed or the expected output, and the rubric for grading.

The presentation of the course packs may vary from teacher to teacher. In order for these course packs to be effective, the students must make the most out of them. If questions arise while going through them, it will not hurt to ask your teachers for a consultation or raise your concern.

For more information on the process of producing and or updating your course packs (for teachers), click this button:

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