Get Access to more Online Resources with UP Cebu’s OpenAthens!

OpenAthens is an access management platform which allows institutions and libraries to open all their licensed online resources using Single Sign On (SSO). For UP Cebu’s OpenAthens, you may access the site using your UP Mail. Simply log in to your UP Mail and access the Google Apps Menu on the top right side of the Google Home Page. Scroll down until you see OpenAthens. The video below shows you a step-by-step instruction on how to access OpenAthens using your UP Mail and gives you a quick virtual tour of the site.

The platform’s Research Zone gives you access to the University Library’s services such as the Web OPAC and a link to the text guide on accessing OpenAthens. Google Scholar is also available on the site. You may type in Google Scholar’s search box to look for online resources available in the portal. OpenAthens also allows you to go through the University’s Open Access Resources and Databases.

UP Cebu’s OpenAthens also gives you access to about 30 Online Resource Portals such as Ebsco information Service, SciHub, Cambridge Core, Jstor, Sage, ScienceDirect, and Scopus. If not directly accessible through SSO, the credentials are provided for each resource portal. This is typically a one stop shop for both faculty and student researchers!

What are you waiting for, Iskolar? Access UP Cebu’s OpenAthens now!