Great Courses Materials available at the TLRC

We have the following College Level Audio Visual Materials from Great Courses and is available for borrowing with teacher’s consent.

An Introduction to Archeology

PartLecture #TitleAvailability
11What is Archeology?Available
12The Scientific UnderpinningsAvailable
13Historians, Treasure Hunters, and AntiquariansAvailable
14The Father of Scientific ExcavationAvailable
15Preservation of Archeological RemainsAvailable
16Stratigraphic and Sequence DatingAvailable
17Seriation, Ancient Sources, and SedimentsAvailable
18Dating using Flora and FaunaAvailable
19Radiocarbon and Potassium Argon DatingAvailable
110Other Scientific Dating MethodsAvailable
111Archeological SurveyAvailable
213Interpreting FindsAvailable
214Stone ToolsAvailable
217Features and StructuresAvailable
218Reconstructing Ancient CulturesAvailable
219Archeological Theories About ChangeAvailable
220Paleolithic ArtAvailable
221The Neolithic RevolutionAvailable
222Catal HuyukAvailable
223The Rise of CivilizationsAvailable
224Archeology and EthicsAvailable

The Search for Meaningful Past

11Issues and ProblemsAvailable
12Mircea Eliade's Cosmos and History and Cyclical TimesAvailable
13The Early Enlightenment and the Search for Laws of History - Vico's Science of HistoryAvailable
14The high Enlightenment's Cult of Progress - Kant's Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of ViewAvailable
15Hegel's Philosophy of HistoryAvailable
16Marx's Historical MaterialismAvailable
17Nietzche's Critique of Historical Consciousness - On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History of LifeAvailable
18Weber's Historical SociologyAvailable
19Taking the Long View - Arnold Toynbee and the World Historical SpeculationAvailable
110Twentieth Century Neo-Idealism - R.G. Collongwood's The Idea of HistoryAvailable
111The Positivist Concepcion of Historical Knowledge - Carl hempel's "The Function of General Laws in History"Available
112Analytic Musings: Arthur Danto's Narration and KnowledgeAvailable
113Social History, Structuralism, and the Long Duree - Fernand Braudel's On historyAvailable
114Post-structuralism and the Linguistic Turn - Hayden White's Introduction to MetahistoryAvailable
115Naturalism Revisited - William McNeill's Plagues and PeopleAvailable
116The Heterogeny of Historical UnderstandingsAvailable

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