Nostalgia: Memories in Painting

“My Aunt just moved back in the Philippines and started a small food business. Whenever I see her in the kitchen all tired bu satisfied, it reminds me of those times that I’d burn myself into work and get satisfied at the end of the day.” (Francis Philippe Dee, artists of the above painting).

“Some images just burn in your memory, like an illustration in a story book or a vivid dream.” (Rafaela Zyun Canonigo, artist of the above painting)

Even after having a bad accident involving his painting hand, Randolf Melchor never cease to amaze us with his honest playfulness in both music and painting.

Rizel Zamora’s struggle to uplift her esteem and brush away her unusual shyness often translate into her works. Her method is ever changing and has left her with a brand, a stroke on foliage and tree trunks that is very Rizel. Once you see it, you know it is hers.

Francine Heart Dinolan loves the mundane activities. Her paintings often have flashes of daily activities and uncanny method of instrospection that is so Francine. Her works aren’t bold but does not conform to anything either. She’s just expressing what she feels right.

Justine Clyde Cartuciano is not your typical guy. Ciano often have works on his sleeve and you’ll never know what you’ll get. He’s has an evolved style, from an upfront heavy use of pigments to very subtle and conscious use of light, Ciano is typically silent about what he’ll do next.

Mond Sanchez was a worker. He is more often a thinker than an impulsive doer. He has one of the most successful painting journey among his peers and it translates to how much development he has earned from his art beginner days.

Erl John Montaño has always been an underdog in making arts. However, his willingness to ask for guidance and assistance earned him more than enough knowledge to improve his works. Given enough time to work and think, Erl can deliver good-looking paintings that has an air of relaxation and lightness.

Grazel Niña Jabagat may be called a chameleon. She easily adapts to new techniques and apply them religiously to her next art projects. She has an unusual relationship with colors, shifting from one palette to another. She loves to mimic bold design and color schemes she sees in her everyday life.

Jonah Marie Comajig is a dark horse. One moment she’s doing so bad in arts and the next day she’ll treat you with very well made art. Not that she is lazy, Jonah just needs time and inspiration to create great works. Putting limits to this lady may hamper the quality of her work but it will never block her from trying out the skills she knows best.

“That red balloon and the view outside makes me remember alot of things. It makes me think and dream.” (Jermel Lapaz, artist of the painting above)