An Ode to Art

The program focuses on the learning of the students of Art History (Arts 9) through the creation of versions using the works of famous artists who were the  movers in the development of art, specifically in visual arts. The students were asked to create their own version of the artworks through the art style and movement that they feel strongly with. This program is a celebration of the vast and colorful world of visual arts through the student’s perspective. It pays homage to the great hands and minds that has molded art to what it is right now.

Madaeah RiconallaDagondon – The Raft of Medusa, Gericault

James Alex Villacorta – The Noises of the Street Enters the House, Boccioni

Chino Svendborg Ferrer Malaque – Still Life with Pink Onions, Cezanne

Loui Jay Codera – Las Meninas, Velasquez

Audrey Canete – The Young Draughtsman, Chardin

Christian Laurenze C Lauron – La Gare St Lazare, Monet

Chloe Bentain – Self-Portrait, Durer

Alexandra Nicole Cañete – The Sheperds of Arcadia, Poussin

Amanda Victoria Balaba – Mona Lisa, Da Vinci

Gernando Godino – The Persistence of Memory, Dali

Sheena Krystel Mamporte Creer – Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon, Friedrich

Stephen Radan – The Dream, Rousseau

Mai’stine Patindol – The Scream, Munch

Nathaniel Ben Rosh Jovita – Pillars of Society, Grosz

Catherine Ann B. Torilla – Tondo Doni, Bounarroti

Albert Jay Ardines Ubas – The Little Yellow Horses, Marc

Princess Ethel Manigo Atillo – The Birth of Venus, Boticelli

Seth Donal – Self Portrait in front of Easel, Van Rijn

Hazel Alcantara – the Venus of Urbino, Titian

Erika Florence Pillazo Inez – Guernica, Picasso

Jhalen Rhianne Barellano – The Visitation, Pantormo

Camille Kate Librando – The Kiss, Klimt

Jhera May Bastatas Gadia – The Gleaners, Millet

Neil John Dumandan – The Swing, Fragonard

Jo Anne Audrey Hisoler – The Stonebreakers, Corbet

Kim Harold Torrevillas – Madame Matisse (The Green Stripe), Matisse

Jonel Lisondra Dinopol – The Lacemaker, Vermeer

Milaneil Judilla – The Intrigue, Ensor

Christelle Niña Sale – The Holy Night, Corregio

Janice Carbos – The Island of the Dead, Bocklin

Jandie Duran – Nude Girl, Boucher

Coby Cabiso – The Newborn Child, de la Tour