UP Cebu Activities You Surely Miss

It has been more than 2 years since UP Cebu was last open to its students for face-to-face classes. Freshmen who entered the university during the pandemic were not able to experience the entirety of UP Cebu life and the upperclassmen surely miss how it feels to roam around the school premises and to stay under the different tambayans around the campus. As others say, your stay in UP is not complete without actually experiencing the UP Culture.

Here are the list of UP Cebu Activities that you surely miss and you will want to experience once the face-to-face setup will be fully re-implemented:

Freshies’ Night

Photo grabbed from Unang Kiat FB Page

Freshies’ night is organized by the University Student Council in partnership with UP Sagabay, a UP Cebu student organization. If you’re a freshman, this event is made to welcome you into the university and lets you experience a glimpse of the exciting part of the UP Cebu life outside the four walls of your classrooms. This is just one of the many events you’re about to experience as you enter UP Cebu. Student bands and talent organizations mainly perform in this event with different theme every year.

UP Cookout

UP Cookout, ever since the academic calendar shift, happens every November of the year right before Hell Week/Finals Week. Mainly organized by the University Student Council, this event focuses on tackling pressing social issues that the country faces while showcasing the students’ talents in the fields of Kantahan, Bandahan, Sayawan, and Panulaan. This event runs from 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM so make sure you have enough energy to get through the night since many local and national bands and artists will also be featured.

Pasko sa UP Cebu

Celebrated after Hell Week and before the semestral break, this local version of Pasko sa UP includes contests like best Christmas decorations in the different colleges and offices in UP Cebu and best float design. Students and employees of the University come together to show off their creative side and to celebrate Christmas. A program then commences the activities which showcases different presentations from the students and staff as well as an awarding ceremony for the various contests.


Spearheaded by the UP Nichibunken, an organization in UP Cebu for Japanese Culture enthusiasts, Otakufest is celebrated every February. Cosplayers from all over Cebu gather for this event. In the recent years, Otakufest has expanded and is no longer held inside the University. It has also extended its reach to KPOP fans since the program now includes Korean Pop presentations. This annual event also invites popular cosplayers and bands which you need to look out for!


Video credits to Earl Malaki

Your stay in the university would never be complete without Intramurals. Held every March of the year, the most awaited part for UP Cebu Intrams are the parade, cheerdance competition, and the awarding ceremony. It also has a theme every year which is represented by the 4 colleges of the university. Last 2019, the theme was Game of Thrones. Oh, and have we mentioned that this is often a week-long or sometimes, a three-day event! So, you wouldn’t have to worry much about your academics during this time! 😉

Crazy Day

Of course, it’s not all serious and acads mode in UP Cebu. We have proven that in the activities we have discussed so far but this one is purely…crazy – literally. Another theme-based activity at the university is Crazy Day, where students, staff, and yes, your professors including, are encouraged to wear unusual OOTDs. This is a battle of wit and creativity as people flaunt their outfits inside and outside the campus like cosplay but on a budget. Don’t dare to become a normal one since the most normal ones tend to get wet the most!

Oblation Run

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One of the most popular UP-wide activity is the Oblation Run (a.k.a. Ritual Dance of the Brave). Organized by the local chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the male members traditionally run naked around the campus with masks covering their faces and their genitals fully visible. This event is also considered as a protest about different societal issues which explains the placards they hold while running. It usually takes place every December. The Oblation Run is inspired by the Oblation Statue which symbolizes “a selfless offering of one’s self to the country”. Read more here.

UP Graduation

The last but definitely never the least in our list is the UP Graduation. This is where UP students finally earn the fruit of their labor. Unlike the usual graduation with toga, UP Students are to wear cream white dresses and barong underneath their Sablay (sash), one of the symbolic representations of being an Iskolar ng Bayan. To wit, “the only sablay (also means failure in Tagalog) a UP Student would want.” At the end of the ceremony is also a symbolic protest of the students and some faculty members on pressing issues of the country – a meaningful way to end an Iskolar’s journey from the University while sending the message that UP Students are not here just to study but to also serve the people as application of what they have learned through their stay.

The road back to face-to-face learning is not as clear yet but always remember that UP Cebu and Oble will always be here to welcome your return.

What else do you miss in UP Cebu? We’d love to read them in the comments!