Poetry for He/She (A Small Talks Event)

Wondering if you have the power to transcend poetry to engender thoughts? The Teaching and Learning Resource Center is once again opening its Small Talks season to those who love poetry. We will be making poetry that encapsulate the essence of man and woman in the most engendering way possible with our guest lecturer Dr. […]

Education 8 Steps in Teaching with Technology

Educators today are faced with the fact that their students grew to know more about the digital world of technology than they are. Sometimes having only your lecture notes, chalkboard, and handout won’t work for some students. Let’s accept this, our student’s tend to have lesser attention span than before. Remember, they can always get […]

You must mind the Smoke

“Do you mind if I smoke?” What’s your answer? Do you just shrug? Do you turn away? Do you tolerate? Many of us, even if we dislike the smell of smoke, we tend to tolerate. But is it right to do just that? Today is known to be the WHO World No Tobacco Day as called by […]

We Joined Gabii sa Kabilin 2016

That was a lot of historical fun! Every year the Cebuano community is at their historical journey through the Gabii sa Kabilin (Night of Heritage) founded by the RAFI and particiapated by various historical institutions in Cebu. This becomes a yearly tradition for most. For us at TLRC, this is our first year of engaging […]