Synergists of Instruction: Unlocking the Beauty of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint as Tool for Recording Video Discussions

Hello, again Digital Natives!

On the previous page, you were able to gather and learn some basic information about Microsoft PowerPoint and its features with the help of the review and evaluation we’ve done using the principle of Dr. McDermontt on digital resources.

To continue your quest, this time, if you are wondering how you could easily make recorded video discussions for your teaching without having to go through technical and difficult video editor applications?

Here’s what we’ve found.

PowerPoint Presentations have been used mostly in creating graphical presentations and professional-looking electronic slideshows. However, we can use PowerPoint presentations to record our presentations and lessons for class viewing.

According to Dr. Primo Garcia, a professor at UP Open University in his talk about selecting appropriate digital resources, upon utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint for recording video discussion, we can classify it as a narrative media type since the users are expected to assimilate information presented and the medium that is used to explain the subject matter is through narration. Additionally, it can also be considered an interactive media type since the application itself is exploratory and the interactive media returns information based on the user’s input.

Accessibility■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Current■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Richness■ ■ ■ ■ □
Purposeful use of media■ ■ ■ ■ □
Inclusivity■ ■ ■ ■ □
Table 1: Review Rating of Microsoft PowerPoint as a tool for recording video discussion based on Dr. Primo Garcia’s Selecting Appropriate Digital Resources

On the other hand, if we also consider the idea of Dr. Daniel Stanford’s Content-Bandwidth Matrices in utilizing this application for recording video discussion, we can say that it has High Bandwidth and Low Immediacy since it uses a pre-recorded video and audio, and asynchronous discussions with video and audio. As teachers, when designing lessons, we have to make sure that the lesson sequence is amplified by activities that your students can do on their own. 

Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Recording Video Discussion Step-by-Step Procedures

At this point dear Digital Natives, it is time for you now to try and apply the following steps of procedures below on how to utilize Microsoft PowerPoint for recording video discussions.

Go little rock star! 🙂

  1. Recording the Video Discussion (Here’s what you’re going to do to start recording)
    1. Open the PowerPoint Presentation you want to record
    2. Click the slideshow tab
    3. Click the record tab
    4. Select whether to start recording from the beginning slide or the current slide
    5. Click the record button and wait for the countdown 3,2,1
    6. Start speaking/begin the discussion
  2. Manage the Recorded Video Discussion (There are many tools that could help you manage your video discussion)
    1. Camera Mode – to blur the background
    2. Settings – to change the microphone or camera
    3. Teleprompter – to view notes that can be read while recording
    4. Pause button – to pause your recording
    5. Stop button – to stop your recording
    6. Replay button – to replay your recording
    7. Pen button – to write a formula, short notes, and annotations in your recording
    8. Highlighter button – to highlight important information in your recording
    9. Eraser button – to erase your written notes and highlights.
  3. Editing the Recorded Video Discussion (An audio icon appears on your slide when the recording is available, you can manage it by clearing the recording on the slides)
    1. Remove by clicking the clear button:
      1. clear recording on the current slide –delete the recording and timing in the current slide
      2. clear recording on all slides –delete the recording and timing in all slides
  4. Saving the Recorded Video Discussion (When you’re done recording your video discussion, save and share your recording as a PowerPoint file or video).
    1. Select File
    2. Choose from the option like Save or Export
    3. Choose MPEG-4 Video as Save as file type
    4. The video recording will automatically play when you open the presentation.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Recording Video Discussion Tutorial Video

When you are working remotely or from home, it is quite handy to be able to record a presentation in PowerPoint as if you would be giving it in real-time. You can easily include your recording of any live annotations or remarks on the slides or even a video recording of yourself as the presenter and subsequently share all of that as one document with your co-educators. Aside from this feature of MS PowerPoint, this tool can also be useful in creating fun and interactive games for our students. Proceed to the next page and discover how.

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.”

– Heidi-Hayes Jacobs