Poetry for He/She (A Small Talks Event)

Wondering if you have the power to transcend poetry to engender thoughts? The Teaching and Learning Resource Center is once again opening its Small Talks season to those who love poetry. We will be making poetry that encapsulate the essence of man and woman in the most engendering way possible with our guest lecturer Dr. […]

InkTober: 31 Days, 31 Drawings

If you haven’t notice this yet, you might want to search and know more about it. Every October, artists all over the world draw and create art using ink. Some have their personal reasons in creating ink art in October while some are drawn in the idea of improving their skills (even only for 31 […]

Congratulations to the Winners of the Poster Making Contest

Congratulations to the winners of UP Cebu’s first National Teacher’s Month Poster Making Contest. We are so grateful for the students who gave few hours to join and participate in the contest. We would also thank the judges, Mr. Ferdinand Aragon, Mr. Jay Nathan Jore, and Ms. Kayumanggi Monsanto for gracing our event. Here in […]

10 Things I Wish I’ve Known Before Adulting

You’re finally done with school! Now, what?! One of the hardest struggles in life is this thing called ADULTING. This is so frustrating. I’m really having a hard time with this transition. Though some of you may have lived away from home for many years, this is entirely different. Why? Because you’re out of school. […]

UP Cebu will send teams for IronMan 70.3

UP Cebu will be sending two triathlon relay teams for the 2016 Cobra IronMan 70.3  Asia Pacific Championship this coming August 7, 2016. Support team UP Cebu and join us in cheering. Come join us at the Discovery Bay Mactan at 6:00 AM.

Excel Shortcuts for Faster Computing

Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for both teachers and students. Excel is not just for graduating students doing their stats or teachers doing their grades, it is for everyone who needs a little help in computing, whether balancing finances or just trying to get some consensus in what food to offer in parties. Below […]

A Layman’s Guide to Studying Better

There are so many ways to get to a destination and when your destination is your graduation, the more you have to take studying matter seriously. We have compiled some good tricks from the students and teachers alike to help you bring your groove back in studying. Here are some tips to studying better for […]

Education 8 Steps in Teaching with Technology

Educators today are faced with the fact that their students grew to know more about the digital world of technology than they are. Sometimes having only your lecture notes, chalkboard, and handout won’t work for some students. Let’s accept this, our student’s tend to have lesser attention span than before. Remember, they can always get […]