Creating Academic Solidarity Through Effective Communication

A lot of studies show the importance of communication in building solidarity especially in the field of education. This communication is not only limited to teachers and students but also with parents. The involvement of parents in a child’s education is consistently found to be positively associated with a child’s academic performance (Topor, 2010). In addition to this, children whose parents are more involved in their education are revealed to have a higher level of academic performance and progress and feel more secure with their knowledge and skill acquisition.

The Communicative Use of Edmodo

While Edmodo is widely known for its online classroom and training features that provide a friendly and informative space for students and teachers, it is also equipped with a fully-featured communication plan and platforms for stakeholders. Edmodo, therefore, is an all-in-one platform that will address most of the known distance learning problems and issues that we are currently facing in the new normal. When properly utilized, Edmodo can be an educator’s friend in assisting instructional delivery and building rapport with learners amidst miles or kilometers away from each other. Below are the strategies to be employed in using Edmodo as an educational communication tool that provides clarity, ease and guaranteed success.

1. Choose a Schedule For Your Post

If you are handling several classes and wanted to get in touch or give updates on them on the same time, Edmodo is the best application for you. It has a feature that schedules future posts to make your distance learning classroom management, more organized and more efficient.

2. Connect With Your Parents and Students With Your Preferred Device

By typing using your mobile phone or your tablet and logging into your Edmodo credentials, you can easily connect with your students and parents, anytime and anywhere. You can initiate conversations, respond to students’ or parents’ messages, or schedule reminders. At the same time, students and parents have the same flexible options in communicating with you! This feature would be very useful since you can bring Edmodo anywhere and open it anytime, especially during emergencies.

3. Inspire Real-time Discussions

As educators, it is part of our duty to encourage students to participate, engage, and be empowered. With this, Edmodo gives you a space for discussion where students can express ideas and inquiries, and teachers get to answer these ones by one through the reply button. You can also allow students to make posts in your classroom. This feature is also a great way for students to have an avenue to continue the discussions that abruptly ended, as well as for teachers to provide updates and share relevant educational materials.

These strategies are very essential in communicating with our students to keep them motivated as they face challenges in their academic endeavors. We, in Academic Palette, would hope that you’ll try one of these Edmodo communication strategies and share with us your thoughts and feedback.


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