Te(a)ch Edvocates

As educators, who value catering quality education, our resilience in committing to our vocation is tested during the COVID-19 pandemic when we are suddenly compelled to use our computers to design our lessons. Some teachers who have been in the teaching industry for 20+ years even questioned their capabilities which may have contributed to the few resorting to their resignation. However, after extensive training, webinars, workshops, and with the help of younger educators to extend their helping hands to remain steadfast even with the limitations brought by the pandemic. The use of technology does not have to be complicated and designing lessons online does not have to be expensive and high-tech. All you have to make sure of is to make use of user-friendly websites or applications that can cater to the needs of the teachers and students in different age brackets while still targeting the learning competencies that the learners have to accomplish in a certain period. Thus, Te(a)ch Edvocates would like to share with you an application that can help you start your baby steps for your ICT for education journey to fulfill our mission as educators even with challenges and hindrances that may come our way.

Here is the summary of our team’s evaluation on the use of the application.

The team also considered the use of Trello as an alternative application to Padlet. We tested and compared the two applications based on the 3 tenets in choosing our technology in education namely: availability, accessibility, and usability. These are the samples crafted by the team.



Trello is a good alternative to Padlet in terms of use and features. However, it requires a more advanced tech skills in order to navigate and fully utilize its features. This is why Te(a)ch Edvocates prefer Padlet.