UP Cebu Hosts CiNeLayag for Student Organizations

UP Cebu will celebrate its first anniversary as a constituent university on October 27, 2017. One of the many activities aside from the Gawad Tsanselor is the student organization wide CiNelayag, a cellular film contest that is hoped to produce institutional advertisements and flag AVP for the unit. The contest opened last September and will […]

Great Courses Materials available at the TLRC

We have the following College Level Audio Visual Materials from Great Courses and is available for borrowing with teacher’s consent. An Introduction to Archeology The Search for Meaningful Past Please visit the TLRC for more information on borrowing terms and conditions.  

E-Books Available at the TLRC

The following e-books are available for personal use at the Teaching and Learning Resource Center. Please inquire at the office to get the links of the e-books you wish to use. Biological Sciences: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy by Hyman Concepts of Genetics by Klug and Cummings Elements of Ecology by Smith and Smith Biology by Campbell […]